What Do I Write About?


Write AboutOne of the hardest things for you to do will be deciding on “What do I write about?”  After you accomplish that though it will really become easier for you to write. Now, mostly when I say write, I mean type away at your home computer or your laptop. That is where most of your work will take place.


I do like to take a pen and notebook to exciting and beautiful places and take notes. I love to go outdoors to places like Sedona, AZ , Grand Canyon, or the beautiful forest in New Mexico and just have a pen and notebook handy and brainstorm as to whatever comes to my mind concerning topics to write about. I have come up with many short stories this way. In this article we are going to conquer the first step and that is what to write about.


As I mentioned, I do like to go to places that are really beautiful and brainstorm. The first thing you will need is a good pen and a notebook. Lots of times I have that little spiral notebook and just briefly write down a few words that will remind me of what to write about. So, that is what we will call our keyword. If you are behind your computer reading this, then finish reading this page and then get away from your computer and go outdoors if possible.


NatureAnother reason to go outdoors is for the fresh air and getting closer to nature. If you live in a large city and have no park or anywhere available to do this, then I would suggest bringing up something on your computer that will put you in touch with nature.


Look at some flowers, trees, waterfalls, anything like that.


Then believe it or not I want you to have a seat and look around and then just stop and take three long deep breaths in and out before you do anything else. Clear your mind as much as possible. It is a small meditation but it will help. Then look around and let your mind imagine. Use your imagination to come up with ideas for your book.


Write down the ideas as they come to your mind. Just take about 15 minutes to do this. Once you come up with your list then you can break it down even further. If you decided you want to write about your life then you can break that easily down into chapters either by the year or by certain incidents that happened in your life.


garden imageLet say you wanted to write about gardening. You can break that down into many chapters with topics like, how to prepare the soil or what time of the year is best for what vegetables. You get the idea. Once you have the idea as to what you want to write about then break it down.


For now, take the time to do the above things I mentioned and really let your mind wonder and imagine. You may have something to write about that someone else is already trying to find!


That’s it for this page. I will have more ideas coming soon. Hope to see you back for the next one!





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