How to Write Your Own Life Story

If you have decided to write your own story you might want to consider what part of your life you want to write about. Do you want to just write about certain years of your life or maybe an incident that happened, or a life-changing moment in your life?


Personal computer

Is it easy for you to get behind a computer keyboard and just start typing away?

If not, , there are other things you can do that will help you to write your story.

The first thing I like to do after I have decided that I want to write about something is to sit down and brainstorm about that topic. I make a hand written list. I will just make short notes as to what I know about the topic.

I have listed here some ideas about writing

Writing Your Own Story

Now, since this article is about writing your own story then you of course would not have to do any research! You know your life and what it has been like.

This is what I did when I started to write my own story. I  first started writing about only certain parts of my life. Mainly, because I have many stories to tell about my life and I want to spread them out through many different stories which I am turning into books.



Voice Recorder

I like to also use a micro cassette voice recorder. You can find these at Walmart or Amazon and many other places.  I like to sometimes record my story first that I am working on.

I can just talk into my voice recorder about whatever I want.

My ideas may come quick, and so I want to be sure to get them recorded. I can later go through the voice recorder and type it up.



I also like to carry my voice recorder with me wherever I go in case I come up with an idea that I want to later write about. Also, sometimes it is easier to do a quick voice recording of something that I see at that moment. One of these voice recorders that are small can be carried around in a pocket or a purse and may be easier to use than a pen and paper. 


Just Get Started!

One of the hardest things to do is to just start! Honestly, once you get started recording or typing your story then you will enjoy it and if it is meant to be then it will come out easily for you! It is like some one who loves to draw and paint, or someone who loves to play a guitar or whatever career they have chosen. If you enjoy writing it will be exciting for you and you will want to write. 


There are days when all I want to do is to write. (Remember when I say write I do mean type away.) People who write poems generally like to sit and write them out.


But, if you don’t get started then you will never know.


Don’t put it off any longer!


Love Yah!



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