Blank BookI would love for everyone to write their own story. Everyone has one. Each and everyone of us is a unique and inspiring individual.

No one is a blank book!


You are unique in the fact that there is only one you!


You have a story within you! It is all about you and lives you have touched or other people who have touched your life.

You may think that you don’t have a story to tell about yourself. You may even think that you have led a boring or not a very interesting life. That is not true at all.  



I encourage you to write your own story. If you don’t want to write your own story then write about anything. Write about some of things you are interested in. Write about the places you have been.


Have you accomplished something really great? Then write about it! Maybe there are lessons you learned in life and you would like to pass it on for others to learn from. I could literally list thousands of things to write about. The list is really endless.



I believe that each and every person was put here on our earth for a reason. No matter the length of the time either. Babies that die in the first few hours of life even had a purpose. People who live to over a 100 years old are here that long for a reason.


EarthSome people are put here to touch the lives of millions while others may be here only to touch the life of a few people. We are all here to live our life no matter what the outcome might be. You can change your life at any time. It could be for the better or for the worse. You can write about your life and it could be an inspiration for others to read.


Write Your Story Now!


Love Yah!



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